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The Santangel’s Investor Forum will feature eight sessions spread throughout the day. The speakers will be interviewed by an informed moderator, but a crucial aspect of these sessions will be audience participation.

Featured Speakers


Steve Eisman

Steve Eisman is currently a managing director at Neuberger Berman and was portrayed by Steve Carrell in The Big Short for his role in predicting the collapse in subprime mortgages. He is an outspoken and thoughtful investor. (Read More)
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Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman is the CEO of Knight Therapeutics, a publicly traded pharmaceutical company. Jonathan was the CEO of Paladin Labs, which he grew from $6 million in revenue to $270 million. In 2014 Jonathan sold Paladin for $3 billion, a 100 fold return from the IPO listing. (Read More)
Shane Parrish

Shane Parrish

Shane Parrish started Farnam Street in 2009 and the site has grown from a handful of readers to over 80,000 subscribers today. Shane believes that knowing the big ideas from multiple disciplines helps you rationally understand problems and puts you in a better position to succeed. (Read More)
Gary Claar

Gary Claar

Gary Claar was a founding partner of JANA Partners in 2001 and in 12 years of leadership he helped the firm build an outstanding track record investing in special situations and engaging as an activist investor. Gary kept a low profile while at JANA, “working the screens” as he puts it. (Read More)
Sanjay Sen

Sanjay Sen

Sanjay Sen is the co-founder BloombergSen which has an outstanding record investing in a concentrated portfolio of great businesses. Sanjay searches the globe for companies with high returns on capital, recurring revenue, free cash flow, great management, and limited competition. (Read More)

Tony Deden

Tony Deden is the Chairman of the Executive Committee of Edelweiss Holdings, which has over $300 million in assets and holdings that range from branded dairy products to a fragrance company and a salmon farm. Edelweiss seeks to deploy capital with like-minded owners and plans to hold its investments forever. (Read More)
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Anuroop Duggal

Anuroop Duggal is a Partner at 3G Capital. He joined 3G in 2013, with one of his former colleagues, to launch the 3G Natural Resources hedge fund. The 3G Natural Resources fund is a fundamental equity long/short fund that also invests in the credit markets, and the fund has grown assets from $100mm to just under $1bn of AUM.  (Read More)

Nathan Edwards

Nathan Edwards worked for the Department of Defense focusing on counter-insurgency, wargaming, and asymmetric warfare.  At the Forum, he will speak about how this experience informed his investing philosophy, as well as why we shouldn’t get caught up in the artificial intelligence buzz sweeping the investment industry. (Read More)