Santangel's Review


The Santangel’s Investor Forum will feature eight sessions spread throughout the day. The speakers will be interviewed by an informed moderator, but a crucial aspect of these sessions will be audience participation. Speakers below presented at the recently concluded 2015 Santangel’s Investor Forum.

Featured Speakers

Bill Martin Headshot

Bill Martin

Raging Capital Management

Bill Martin launched Raging Capital in April 2006. The firm’s net returns from its main strategy have outperformed the S&P 500, Russell 2000, and HFRX Equity Hedge Index since inception, and its AUM is now close to $650 million.  Bill is one of the rare fund managers who has excelled at both long- and short-side investing. (Read More)
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Joel Lusman

Lusman Capital

Joel Lusman targets inefficient markets around the world, looking for special situations and deep value in both developed and emerging markets. At the 2015 Santangel’s Investor Forum, Joel will speak about why he prefers complex, off-the-run securities that “nobody has ever heard of” and share a recent idea. (Read More)    

Stephen Duneier

Bija Advisors

Stephen Duneier has been studying behavioral biases for the last 25 years, successfully applying what he has learned to investing. At the 2015 Santangel’s Investor Forum, Stephen will speak about how to improve performance through a more mindful approach to decision making. (Read More)
Wayne Chambless

Wayne Chambless

Highbridge Capital

A chance encounter during a business school summer internship with famed short-seller Jim Chanos sparked Wayne’s interest in finding over-valued, faddish, or fraudulent businesses. At the 2015 Santangel’s Investor Forum he will speak about the art of short selling and share a recent idea. (Read More)
Eric Yip. AlderHill Headshot

Eric Yip

Alder Hill Managment

Eric co-founded Alder Hill in 2014 with backing from many of his former employers. The fund has a broad mandate to invest across the capital structure, and searches for event catalysts and ideas all over the world. At the 2015 Santangel’s Investor Forum, Eric will share an investment idea that he says is the result of “connecting the dots.” (Read More)
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Mark Leonard

Constellation Software

Mark Leonard founded Constellation Software in 1995. Since the technology company was first listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2006, its stock has returned 2,714 percent (45 percent CAGR). At the 2015 Forum, Mark will speak about the company’s investment philosophy and share lessons from Constellation’s capital allocation decisions. (Read More)
Shayan_Mozaffar_Solomon Global - Head Shot

Shayan Mozaffar

Solomon Global Management

Shayan Mozaffar has analyzed hundreds of current and historical case studies of successful long and short investments. He calls them "movies" and studies them, frame by frame, to enhance his ability to recognize, research, and invest in high quality investment opportunities. (Read More)
Jon Salinas

Jonathan Salinas

Plymouth Lane Capital Managment

Jonathan Salinas founded Plymouth Lane Capital Management in 2013 after working at Marble Arch Investments and ZBI Equities. Jonathan focuses on behavioral inefficiencies and temporary dislocations in investor perception to find idiosyncratic special situations with significant upside. (Read More)