Santangel's Review

Santangel’s Investor Forum®


The Forum is private gathering of investors and allocators founded in the spirit of Santangel’s Review but with all the advantages that only live interaction can bring.

The invitation-only conference will highlight unique investment ideas in eight separate Q&A sessions led by a group of informed moderators. The all-day event will also feature several networking breaks, including a meet-and-greet breakfast, plated luncheon, and cocktail reception. The Forum has no sponsors and therefore no vendor or service provider attendees.

The goal of the Forum is to facilitate thought-provoking discussions among a community of intelligent investors, and attendance will be limited to promote quality audience participation.

If you have been invited, you may register by clicking the “Register” link above. If you would like to inquire about attending the event, please email

Feedback from the Santangel’s Investor Forum®:

“I want to express my thanks for including me in your Forum. It was truly outstanding and that is the consensus of everyone I spoke with.”

“I felt that the content was leagues above that of other conferences. There was a good balance between actionable ideas and process insights from each of the managers.”

“What an excellent conference! Any time you show up and immediately spot five people who you think are among the best investors in the world, you know you are in the right place.”

“Because you are so careful about the quality of both attendees and speakers, high quality people want to come. And it only gets better every year!”

“I go to a fair number of investment conferences in the US and Europe and this is the best I attended so far.”

“Worth flying across the Atlantic for.”“I have been to a lot of conferences and this was one of the best I have ever attended. Very well done, very value add.”

“The speakers were bright and talented investors. They were different, unique, intelligent and worthy of 45 minutes of the audience’s time.”

“I just want to extend a thanks and congratulations on a terrific event. It was honestly the best investment conference I have attended.”

“It was truly humbling to be a speaker at such an outstanding forum and to hear such distinguished other speakers.”

“You have truly put together a first class event that stands boldly in contrast to what is typically offered.”

“I thought the conference was absolutely outstanding. I have been to quite a few, and never feel I got as much value as I did from this.”

“I have been to too many conferences to count. And both this years, and last year’s Santangel’s conference have been a country mile better than anything else I have attended.”

“We really enjoyed ourselves and appreciate the introductions that you made for us. A wonderfully thought provoking day. You carried it off with aplomb and genuine warmth. Thank you for inviting us.”

“This was recommended as the only conference to come to and I would do the same to anyone who asks, thank you.”

“Thank you so much for inviting me. The conference was truly fantastic. You managed to put together something unique and extremely value additive for everyone who attended.”

“I met interesting people and learned a lot – can’t ask for more than that.”