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Save The Date: 2014 Santangel’s Investor Forum

I am excited to announce that the 2014 Santangel’s Investor Forum will be held on October 23rd in New York City. Tickets will go on sale in the next few days to those who attended the Forum in the past. Should any seats remain, they will be offered on an invitation-only basis. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact

Value Links Email Distribution

If you aren’t on the weekly Value Links email distribution already, here is a sample of what you have been missing. We send an email like this almost every week and it includes links to commentary, speeches, and interviews…

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Clips from the Darden Investment Management Conference

I haven’t seen these posted anywhere else:

Kyle Bass, Wil VanLoh, Jody LaNasa and Michael Watzky (Energy Panel)

Richard Chilton (Chilton Investment Company)

Larry Kochard, Don Lindsey, and Scott Malpass (Endowment Panel)

Tony Crescenzi (PIMCO Market Strategist)

Jason Trennert…

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Transcript of a Speech by Jorge Paulo Lemann

Businessweek has called him “the world’s most interesting billionaire” and Warren Buffett once said he was an “extraordinary manager.” However, despite purchasing three of the most iconic brands in America–Heinz, Burger King, and Budweiser–and building a tremendous…

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The Power of Finding a Great Jockey and Holding on

This is a great story of a “Buffett billionaire”, someone who bought Berkshire shares and just held on.
Horejsi bought 40 shares of Berkshire Hathaway
Inc. for $265 each with the company’s cash after friends told
him about Warren…

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Baupost to return capital

It is always interesting to watch what Baupost is doing and for the second time in its history, the fund will be returning capital (the last time was in 2010). II Alpha has the article…

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“How to Spot a Hedge Fund Fraudster”

This is a great article from Alpha magazine. They seem to have spotted a live “hedge fund” fraud.  The article, written by Amanda Cantrell, does an excellent job laying out the various red flags that led them to believe this…

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The Strange Story of Bill Parcells and Seth Klarman

File this under “strange, but true”: In 1996 a young sportswriter for the Boston Globe named Ron Borges was writing an article comparing the Patriot’s new coach, Pete Carroll with their former coach Bill Parcells. After writing about some…

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